Monday, December 06, 2004

A shitty, long Monday--the last one for awhile...thank god

Two and a half weeks til break!!!

I had some train mishaps and ended up being three minutes late. Forgot my gradebooks. The APs, principal and PTA president came in for a peek, during Class A's reading workshop. Had to take down the bulletin board and put up the new stuff. It turned out pretty cute, actually; I'll put up a picture tomorrow.

After school was professional development. That ended early, actually, and it was great because they gave us an "assignment," so to speak, what writing projects each grade should be working on. There is even a book with mapped-out lesson plans to help guide us. Woo!

So I got to QC 45 minutes early; I reviewed the science material for the final that was tonight. In math class, we played a math card game and then built models with straws. We made a crazy post-modern Eiffel tower kind of thing. I'll put that picture up too.

Then we had the science final. I was psyched because I figured I'd finish early and could get home a bit earlier than normal. But no, we had three sections of the test. Two pages of short answer questions, then a group experiment, then a quick standards thing. Before starting the second part and the third part, we all had to wait for everyone to finish. Grr. But I think I did fairly well; I had answers for everything. Not all of them were terribly in-depth, but I could answer them. We turned in our unit plan lessons (I worked on those a lot yesterday, formatting them all the same and geeky stuff like that), and our "moon board." We had a group project of making a bulletin board thing about phases of the moon. It turned out pretty neat; I'll post that pic tomorrow too.

So science is over now; we have two more math classes and then a break for who knows how long. But the next two Mondays will at least be shorter; there will be time to get some work done and go to bed at a nice, earlyish hour.

It is very late, I have to go to bed now. Can't wait for tomorrow after school, because I'll have THREE days of homework to grade, not to mention planning and preparing the rest of the week's lessons, AND figuring out the differentiated grouping for test prep Fridays. What a fun week it will be.

Two and a half weeks til break! Thirteen days of school---whee!

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