Friday, December 17, 2004

Lazy me

So yesterday, when I was supposed to go diligently correct papers, I totally didn't. I finished the previous recap of the Apprentice, grabbed a shower, and started to watch the Apprentice finale. It was really stupid, boring and irritating. So I finally did get started on the homework, and actually, got fully caught up. Three days' worth! Hurrah for me.

Tonight I have not done any work. In fact, at 7.30, I lay down in bed and finished the last hundred or so pages of A Prayer for Owen Meany. God. Heh, literally. But I love that book so much, and I can't recommend it enough.

Now it is 10pm on a Friday. I can't decide whether to watch more Felicity or just go to sleep.

I have many things to do this weekend. Here they are, not in order of importance:

1. Complete the math portfolio. This should not take too terribly long, plus it is the last thing to do for this semester to be over! I must celebrate that!!!!!

2. Shop for me. I need a trip to Target for shower gel and lip balm.

3. Shop for other people. Oh crap, there's a gift exchange for next Tuesday. I have to get something for Ms J, the lit coach. Also, I would like to get into the city so that I can get some cheesy NYC stuff for the family back home. Not like it will reach them in time for Christmas or anything.

4. Do some kind of Christmas mailing; I'm thinking of a newsletter instead of regular cards. That means I have to sit down and write something out, perhaps include a photo or two, and compile mailing addresses.

5. Have some kind of social interaction with at least one other person. I am terribly lonely and it's extremely easy for me to stay that way.

6. Begin arranging thoughts and ideas for Mom's visit. I have successfully kept my room tidy all week--hurrah! But I really need to vacuum and get the pile of plastic bags out of one corner, and the pile of boxes out of another.

7. Think about other cleaning projects, namely my bookshelves. Total mess.

8. Um. I totally forgot that I have to plan next week's lessons, if not the beginning of January's. Nice. Do I need a vacation or what?

All of this is two mere days!

Next week will be very eventful. Monday there will be a 6th grade lunch with the AP. Monday night is the last night at school. Tuesday afternoon/evening is the holiday staff party. Wednesday night I'm picking up Mom at the airport. Thursday we will both go to school, teach, have fun, and be stern. There may be some social drinking on Wednesday afternoon or Thursday, depending on the other girls and Mom's physical state after school Thursday. Friday is OFF!! Saturday is CHRISTMAS!

Goodness me, it is the end of the year already. It has now been six months that I have lived in New York, and about four living in Queens. It's not what I pictured, except the loneliness.

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