Sunday, December 12, 2004

Sittin' up in my room, poppin' bubble wrap

Once you pop, you can't stop!

Happy birthday, baby shrimp girl!

Last night I stayed up and watched most of SNL. Yum, Colin Farrell is hot even when he's got stringy hair. Funny stuff. Popcorn, popcorn!

I got up at about 9.30 and set to work on that stupid math thing. It probably is not long enough and I did not have the kids write anything about the lesson, so I'm sure I won't get a top score. And I still don't know if they'll accept it. But at least I will have it to turn in. That's the most important thing.

When I finished with that, I got dressed and ran some errands. Can I tell you something that I just don't get about New York? The library book drops are closed after hours and on Sunday. Doesn't that defeat the entire fucking purpose of a book drop? Gah!

Let's see. Then I came home, indulged in some internet crack, and then got back to work. I graded the tests from a week ago Friday, the ones I told the students I was actually counting as a test, plus grades for behavior. It didn't take too long, actually, thank goodness, and so then I added the scores to the computer grade program and printed out progress reports. I'd wanted to do the big, line-by-line one, but it turns out that now there's enough stuff to make two pages of report. So I just printed the synopsis page for each student. Printing ninety pages is bad enough; there's no way I'm printing 180, not on my own dime. Please.

By the way, I think even more students are failing now then first quarter. Great. They still don't seem to get it. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!

After all that was done, I did a crazy thing: I tidied up my room. Woo! It has been awhile and the floor was pretty obscured. But it looks much nicer now. There are still some strategic piles, but thank god for those big bookcases on one wall, they are crammed with crap. Piles of crap. I still have two boxes serving as makeshift dressers or drawers or whatever, but they get the job done, if it looks pretty lame. I'm no snob.

I must say that, even if it makes me sound like a spoiled brat, I detest tepid showers in the winter. I depend on those eight minutes for cozy warmth, and it's just so disappointing to not feel hot water.

So let's see, this will be an interesting week. I have a mission to be a hard-ass drill sargeant. We have to do those simulation tests. I need to get my classes started on the projects, like for real. I have to come up with something for test prep Friday. I should shop for some presents for friends and family. Someday I need to work on those piles in the bookshelves. I would also like to see friends and have a pretense of a social life.

Who am I kidding? This week is may very well suck a whole lot. Grr. Please make it go quickly.

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