Monday, December 13, 2004

Bye bye, Drill Sargeant Barbie

Ding dong, the bitch is dead. Well, trampled and killed by the munchkins, more like.

I was a hardass to Class A this morning. They seemed to take it (or I put it out there) as me being a bitch with an attitude, and they met it with even more attitude back at me. I had to physically prevent the eight students who earned a lunch detention from leaving the classroom at the end of 3rd period. They only sat down (but didn't shut up) because I snagged one of the behavior assistant guys in the hallway, and he made them sit. But they were all like, "I didn't do anything!" "I can't wait til you get fired!" etc etc.

It was horrible and so then I cried. After they left the room, of course.

I left notes about the whole thing for the dean and assistant principal, stressing the fact that for three students in particular, it's a pattern and needs to be taken to the next level, whatever that is.

Class B was so-so, but mostly because Ms F was there for a few minutes at the beginning and for some reason, they actually listen to her when she tells them to be quiet.

Class C was okay. They listened very well to my read aloud--it was an editorial about the red-tailed hawk nest that was destroyed recently. This hawk had lived in a nest on a posh Fifth Avenue building and the co-op board voted to make it go away. The gall! Anyway.

My headache from last night kept right on going all through the day. I did not eat breakfast or lunch. We had PD after school, that helped with my thoughts about the group projects. Then I got over to QC for just math class. Hurrah, then I got home by 7.30 instead of 10.00!! It is awesome!

Right after I got in, I gritted my teeth and called all eight parents of the kids I kept in for detention today. I only had to leave two voice mails and the people I spoke with were receptive and 'nice' (As nice as they can be expected to be when told their child is not behaving). Woo!

Wanting to hear a nicer voice, I called mommy. She was very happy with and excited about the crapload of (like, over 20) burned CDs I sent her for a late-ass birthday present. Cool.

And it's only 8.30!!! Whee!!! I feel so free!

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