Monday, February 07, 2005

And we're off

Unfortunately I don't mean "we're off" like we're off of school, I meant "we're off" in the sense of racing or whatever. Because the week has started and two weeks from today I'll be chilling at home in the greater Seattle area (and I do mean greater, heh).

Happily, the media player finally kicked into gear and went back to copying CDs in mere minutes rather than hours. I'm working my way through my CD collection, copying it all into this here computer.

Also happily, this thing runs faster and smoother now, without all that extra crap that I'd piled into it in the past two years.

Today we worked on plot. I explained briefly the parts of plot: exposition, conflict, climax, falling action, and resolution. Then we practiced identifying those bits using Disney movies like Aladdin and Lion King. If they had time, they got to come up with a movie or book on their own and identify those parts.

Tomorrow I will do onomatopoeia with them. I'm excited because I have a great French song called "Comic Strip" to play for them. I wrote a little vignette that they will copy and then add in the onomatopoeia. Should be fun for us all.

Class A was okay today. We changed seats and they seemed to be okay. Class B was fine, though rushed a bit. Class C was alright, chatty. Changed seats there too, so some talking problems were solved (these girls that never stop talking were really excited to sit at the front without their friends. hm.), but some new ones were created. So it goes.

At the bus stop this morning, I was finishing up writing in a paper journal about the weekend. This woman came and stood next to me and seemed to be looking over my shoulder, so I moved over a bit. A few minutes later, I put the notebook away into my bag, and she asks me, mouth covered in Dorito crumbs, "Can I borrow your notebook?" And I'm thinking, yeah that's really weird, but maybe she needs a piece of paper. So I ask why. She replies, "Just to read for a bit." "No," I said back with just a touch of are-you-crazy tone. "Oh, okay," as if surprised I shot down her oddball and invasive request.

The weather was decent today. Walking out of school at 5pm, I put on my gloves, but they weren't really necessary. Also, I couldn't even see my breath! It hasn't been 'warm' enough for that in months. Sweet. Like I said, spring seems to be in the air.

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