Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Real quick like

Class A was (were? darn you, British FTers!) good today! At least during the writing lesson about point of view/narration, they were quiet and appeared to be listening. Another miracle! Of course, when it was work time, there was talking and goofing and non-work, but at least there was some quiet.

I had a coverage of 8th graders this morning. It was hell, and I hate all eighth graders.

Class B was okay, I believe. Decent for the most part. A group of boys that does no work and only talks and bug each other continued their pattern of nothing-productive-doing.

Class C was only one period, and they were a bit chatty. Of course.

I made a chart listing very quick things about first-person narration and third-person (and yes, they all asked, "where is second-person?" I told them I didn't know. Any teachers out there know and want to enlighten us?), and then an example of describing the same action using different points of view.

The classwork was to practice writing in first-person, so we did "I Confess..." Some good stuff came of it. The homework was to write a short vignette: once in first-person and once in third-person. We'll see if it works. I'll let you know next week when I get around to grading it. Ha!

After school went to QC for our classes. Reading was short and kind of boring and pointless. Social studies was completely pointless. I tuned out rather often and wrote notes back and forth with the cute nice boy (the one who gives me rides home and talks to me and stuff).

The exciting thing I realized today is that I won't be in class for the next two weeks. Next Wednesday night is the second parent-teacher conference night. The Wednesday after that is midwinter break, and I will be, you guessed it, at home in Seattle. Whee! However, I am sad about not seeing cute nice boy and other chums in class.

Is it Friday yet? I am tired, I need to sleep in.

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