Tuesday, February 08, 2005


So out of eleven sets of homework assignments to grade, I got five done. Six left. Plus the three I will get tomorrow. And three on Thursday. OH GOD.

Have I yet mentioned that parent-teacher conferences will be next Tuesday night? Oh, and potential-holdover (not passing sixth grade) letters went out last week, too. Gee, that will be fun. I have TONS of organizing to do. All of my records for the first two quarters of grades were LOST this weekend, so I can't show parents printouts or anything. What I can do is get those homework portfolios put together. And maybe let the kids see them too, so they know that the homework bin is not some innocent-looking black hole from whence their work never resurfaces.

Still not totally sure what lesson I will do tomorrow for writing workshop. I think I'll do first-person voice vs third person, and use an exercise in a book I found about writing a 'confession' in the third person. Then maybe the homework can be to write a third person account of it, more objective and more judgmental or whatever. Sure. Working our way through the elements of fiction, slowly and jerkily and haphazardly but surely.

It's already past ten. Boo! I want to read my book some more! And then sleep in until nine!

Being a grown up sucks ass sometimes.

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Anonymouph said...

Hey! I do a Writing Workshop too. Do you have a book or anything from whence your ideas come? (Sorry, today we talked about not ending sentences with a preposition.) I just kind of make them up in the morning before the kids enter the room. I wish I had a more structured curriculum for these little writing lessons.

My kids started writing persuasive essays today, and so far I am really pleased with their progress. Good luck with all that homework you have to grade!