Sunday, February 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Tomorrow

February 21st will be the one-year anniversary of this website! I've kind of cheated, though, by putting all the archives from my other site on this site as well. My four-year blogger birthday will be in June. Wow. Four years of writing to an invisible audience...

Let's see. Yesterday was supposed to be a bit busier than it actually was, but I suppose that's okay. I did get to go out, hang out, and eat. Mm, food.

All evening I just sat around, watching tv and surfing the net. Found some good links on Fametracker to keep me occupied. I did end up cleaning my room, or at least hanging my clothes back up. Always a big step. I need to wash dishes this afternoon before I leave. And I have all these empty cereal boxes sitting here. I haven't tossed them because I think I will use them for a project with my kids. Maybe. Some time in the next month or two. Gah.

I went to bed at midnight, totally zonked. Sadly, my brain woke up around 7, which my body was not happy with. I got up around 7.30 and got in the shower. Now I can have a bit of time to organize the few things I will bring home with me. Don't hate me for this (or maybe you should), but I'm going to bring all the homework to correct and the reading lesson book with me. Just in case I really have nothing to do, or I start feeling anxious about all the work that will have to be done in three days after I get back.

I'm going to Costco this morning with Ms C, I'm looking forward to that. Think of the books they might have! I need something to read on the plane...

Twelve hours from now we will be taking off!

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