Sunday, February 06, 2005

At last---a big night out

So last night I got to have a fun time drinking with new friends. Whee!

Met up at an apartment in Brooklyn for some pre-drinking and chatting. Eventually we left for the big party that we all were going to go to. The train took forever to come, and finally we couldn't wait any longer. All of us needed a bathroom, so we scrapped the party idea and went to a bar around the corner instead.

There were drinks, conversations, laughs, and even some play for little miss Julie. I would go into more detail, but it's not really appropriate. But whee, what fun.

I was up pretty much all night, no real sleep. Got home at 10 this morning, took a nice shower, and then began battling my computer.

I am trying to copy CDs onto my computer, but it is going extremely slowly for some reason. Like molasses. One song has been downloading for almost ten minutes, and it's still at only 75%. Stupid 'new and updated' media player.

Got a lesson plan page typed out, and a worksheet for tomorrow. Vague plans for the next two to three days.

Took a nap for maybe a couple hours. Am totally exhausted. It's almost seven. I might take another shower and get to bed ASAP. So tired.

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