Sunday, February 13, 2005

Internet CRACK

This morning I downloaded Morpheus and have been trying to redo my collection of music. I've gotten 45 new songs already so far.

I stayed up late watching the beautiful Jason Bateman on SNL. Did you see the photo of him all trussed up like Cary Grant or whoever? Day-um, the man is gorgeous.

It's nearly noon and I have gotten no work done. I finished another three sets of homework! Only six more to go. Not to mention all the lesson plans for the week that I should plan now so as to reduce the massive stress that comes with parent conferences and being the week before break. FIVE MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL!

I hope to get the kids actually reading the books for literature circles on Monday and Tuesday. Although Class A missed both times going over the roles, so they are probably going to be behind the other classes. That sucks; I hate having to keep track of classes being on different subjects. I have no idea what sort of lessons I'll teach for reading this week. One will be an introduction of Katherine Paterson (who seems awesome and fabulous, from what little I've read of her, interviews and bio snippets and such).

In writing, we will keep working on narrative. All the kids need more work on dialogue. Monday, I will continue 'teaching' the punctuation and stuff. Must introduce the fact that each time someone speaks, it's a new paragraph, very few kids knew that. I didn't talk about it on Friday, but jesus, these kids read every day. Things they read have dialogue in it; they're just not recognizing it. So I should point that out. I also want to talk about varying speaker tags. Instead of always saying 'he said' and 'I asked', using interesting verbs like 'he whispered' and 'I chuckled'. Basically, using synonyms to create more engaging text.

Bah, I'm sure I should go and start planning right now. And correcting homework. And redownloading gradekeeper so that on Tuesday the parents can see how their kids are doing so far third quarter.

WAAH! I don't wanna!

In other news, how in the world is it already Valentine's Day 2005? My, how time does fly.

Thinking about AmeriCorps, chapter 4. I might try and work on that a bit today, if school work gets too tedious.

Oh God, please get me through this week quickly and as painlessly as possible. I just want to get it done so that I can recuperate physically and emotionally, and visit friends and family.

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