Saturday, February 05, 2005

A moral question

What do you do when it's another person's handwriting on a student's homework? How about if that student's parent is already a pain in your ass? Should I call this parent--the very same one who insists that her son should get to be exempt from the rules--and tell her that I know that her son did not actually write his homework? Because I'm presuming his mom or dad did, it's not his handwriting.


Other than that, it's been a decent day. I slept for a nice ten hours, then dutifully traveled to school to get some work done. I just missed the bus, though, so I walked down the main drag for almost ten blocks. It was most pleasant, the sun was out, the snow was melting, it felt positively spring-like.

Approaching the front door of the school, I saw a group of boys on the front steps. Then I recognized a few of my students from Class A. They seemed to light up and all yelled out, "Ms C!" and two of them came up to meet me. They teased me some more about the janitor, and I shook my finger at them.

In my classroom, I made out some new seating charts. God, I hope they work. I really need to crack down on the movers. I hate that, blatant disregarding of the rules.

I also got work done on the bulletin board. Yesterday the kids who stayed in at lunch were excited to help me out clearing out the old one and helping get stuff ready for the new one. I also had kids keep sorting the books, starting with fiction and nonfiction. It still amazes me how thrilled any kid will be to do something to help, even if it's something crappy like spraying down desks. Weird, but I will work it for all it's worth. Both because it helps them feel good about themselves, and hopefully it builds a bond between us, and because it helps me out. Duh.

Did some other stuff too, but now I gotta run.

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