Monday, February 14, 2005

Be vewy, vewy quiet!

Sh, I'm at school right now, it's my final prep of the day.

We practiced dialogue writing today. Or at least that's what I asked them to do. Explained it eighteen times and still got, "What are we doing, miss?" and "I don't get it..."

Class A was all kinds of rowdy this morning. I was ready to throttle about half of them. GRR! Two kids started throwing around race remarks and accusations, toward me (ie, saying I'm treating them bad because they're black/Spanish/native/blah blah). I let them know that is NOT okay.

Class B was not too much better. No racism there, but lots of talking, shouting, and no working.

Here's holding out a tiny shred of hope for Class C to be a bit better. Ah, who am I kidding? They're always chatty.

This literature circle stuff is all mixed up; each class is going to be at a different place. Only Class C will probably get to start reading the books this week. The others I'll hold off til after break.

FOUR MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL! I could weep with excitement and relief that the break is so near.

After my nap last night, it took awhile to feel alert again, but I finally did. I had to stay up til 11 watching Crossing Jordan. This morning was not too bad, waking up. Hurrah.

I feel a thousand times better than I did on Friday. My sore throat is almost gone! Amazing what rest and food and not talking and staying inside can do for a sick person.

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