Thursday, February 17, 2005

"...wasting [our] precious youth in a Sisyphean endeavor."

Oh man, you have to read this.

It's the Onion at its best: using thinly-veined satire and sarcasm to expose the ugly truth. Because really, every thing in that article IS true. I have had almost all of those thoughts, and I've heard it from many of my compatriots, idealistic corps members or not. Except TFA/NYCTF isn't responsible, exactly; it really is the cities and the systems. They suck you in and then suck out your energy and drive and will.

I've only survived on stubbornness and a little bit of grit. Idealism went out the window way before I stepped foot in my own classroom. Optimism and idealism are for pansy-asses.

Harsh but true. Other urban (and maybe even suburban and rural?) teachers will back me up on this.

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