Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm here!

My flight was fine on Sunday night. I watched some television--they have cable!, took a nap, and read. Mom was there to get me at the airport. By then I was wide awake again. The ride home was strange in that it didn't feel/look strange at all. Everything looked exactly the same, and it felt completely normal to be doing that.

The house looks good. The kitchen has gotten new counters, but it still looks pretty much the same. My old room has been niced up since my brother left. Still very sunny.

Sunday night I stayed up really late, watching a movie until 2 or 3. On Monday I was up at 6.30 though (9.30 to my body). Not much happened the rest of the morning. I watched some cable--awesome but brain numbing--and helped empty out some cabinets. A quiet day. I made some mango bars and brownies from box mixes in the pantry. Yum.

Around 2.30, Stacey picked me up. We went to the store for junk food supplies and then to Dan's for the hangout (they are selling the house and so for the first time, it's clean. heh). Rob, Brandon, both Dans, Kyle, then Raegan were there. We had some drinks, played Yahtzee, 7-11, and Cranium. And ate a lot of junk food. Nachos, garlic bread, brownies, popcorn, cookies. Excellent. I took a break about 7.30 (my normal bedtime of 10.30 in ny) and sort of napped on the floor, then did a crossword on the computer. Eventually I became more alert and social again and rejoined my friends.

Again, it was strange to see them in that it felt totally normal. Like no time had passed and I was poppping right back into place. I guess that's pretty cool. Those are good people. Except for Big Dave and Trevor, who didn't show. Punks!

When I got home at 11.30, I went right to bed. I slept nicely til about 8.30, when I decided to get up, even though I was still tired.

A few days ago, I started coughing a bit. Yesterday but mostly last night, I really felt a rattle in my chest. This morning I did some nasty coughing and phlegming. Yuck. Also, bad. I just had this a month ago! Dammit! I don't know if it's because after the first three days, I keep forgetting to take the antibiotics from last week's 'strep throat'.

The weather is lovely, all sunny. Temps in the 40s and 50s, so not exactly warm and pleasant, but definitely better than freezing my ass off. The sun coming in through the windows is warm and excellent.

I'm stuck without a car until later this afternoon when my dad will pick me up. If I'm a good girl, I will shower sometime and bundle up in my NY winter clothes and go for a walk. That seems like a big if. Because if I'm going to be a good girl, then I would work on some of the giant pile of homework to correct. Meh. Work schmerk.

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Anonymouph said...

Girl, forget about work and enjoy your vacation! Leave the work to those of us who aren't getting a break this week! *boo* *hiss* Trust me, the work will still be there. Enjoy yourself!