Saturday, February 12, 2005


Last night at the grocery store: The woman in front of me was a lovely, 30-something, nice-shaped woman...whose groceries were all low-carb or low-fat. Bread, yogurt, milk, meat, everything. The man behind me was an older guy, and his entire selection was blueberry blintzes, a pint of Godiva chocolate ice cream, a single banana, and three rolls of paper towels.

Somehow I stayed up until midnight last night. This morning I was up by ten. I had a healthy breakfast of wheat toast (one piece with crunchy peanut butter and one with fat-ass margarine), a banana, and juice.

I also looked over all the tax stuff my mom sent out. I made $21,000 last year, spread out over six jobs. Wow. Sometime very soon I need to go to an accountant, because my roommate let me know that since technically I am here as a student, all the city and state tax I've paid should be refunded. Nice!

That refund check, however big it ends up to be, will probably be my only fun-money for the Las Vegas trip in April. How depressing it would be to go on vacation to Sin City with school friends and be too frugal to join in the frivolity.

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