Friday, February 25, 2005

Two Thousand Hits!

Wow, I feel so loved! You guys rock.

I am home again now. In New York, I mean.

Last night I thought I was being all prudent by not arriving at the airport until 11 for my midnight flight. Well, stupid me always forgets about checking times online, so when I arrived at the check-in desk (no kiosks or anything! Just two lousy counters! JetBlue, I'm disappointed. Get more routes out of Seattle already!), I was rather bummed to find out the plane was delayed due to snow.

So I walked, zombie-like (so, so tired), through the security checkpoint and to the N gate. All the gift shops were closed (what?!), and the restaurants closed very soon after my arrival (dammit!), so I returned to the main terminal, dragging my one small rolling suitcase. I bought a cup of Orange tea and an apple fritter at the sole open establishment, our good Seattleite friend, Starbucks. I sat and read Pamie's excellent book, and tried to stay awake.

At 12.15, I trudged, half-awake, back to the gate. The plane took off around one, and I crashed. I slept the whole flight. Not the best sleep I ever got, I got a crick in my neck, and I was dreaming weird things. But I couldn't keep my eyes open if I wanted to. I only opened them after we landed.

After waiting on a bathroom line and then for four AirTrains, I eventually made it back to my neighborhood. The ground and buildings are covered in 4-6 inches of snow. Just a tip: it's not easy and/or fun to pull a rolling suitcase through slush and snow. In case you were wondering.

I emptied the dirty clothes out of my bag and then jumped in a shower. I miss the stronger water pressure and better heat from my mom's house. I also miss her 17-inch, flat-screen computer monitor. And the cable wasn't bad either.

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Anonymouph said...

Could water pressure, flat screen computer monitor, and cable tv be code for family, rest, and being surrounded by the people who love you? Even if they aren't, if you're like me, you feel a little bit of a let down when you come back from visiting home. But....I'm glad you're back! More fun posts from Jules the Crazy! Welcome back.