Sunday, February 13, 2005


Actually, URGH...I had to force myself awake after a two-hour deep sleep nap. Now I have that leaded-body feeling.

But the 'whee!' refers to the fact that seven days from right now, in exactly one week, I will be on my way to the airport to visit home. I am very excited. I think I'll get to see a lot of people, both friends and family, and I'll get to just enjoy being in the lovely northwest again. I'll do my best to not think about school at all. (Yeah right, but hey, I can try.)

And speaking of whee!, I'm almost done correcting homework!!! Only two more sets to do! Hurrah!

I have a rough sketch of the week. But it is complicated by the fact that on Tuesday, we'll have the kids for only half a day, then a few hours to set up, and then a few hours of parent conferences. I'll cross my fingers that I won't be busy during that time again, because well, I just want to chill out. Then we'll be at school all night on Wednesday. Thursday night is a celebration for my ELA AP; I doubt I'll make it, but I'll feel guilty if I don't.

I hope to have some debaucherous fun next weekend, but I'll need to find some other people. Lone debauchery is just pathetic.

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