Monday, February 28, 2005

Three Bad Things. Okay, Four.

One: My left wrist hurts like a motherfucker, and I didn't even do anything to it. Ow.

Two: Stepping between some desks and a short, crappy file cabinet, the sharp metal corner of the cabinet caught and ripped my cords, which are also my one and only pair of size-8 trousers (thus the only ones that fit--thus affirming my relative thinness!). A small enough tear that if I were so inclined, I could probably sew it back. Sadly, I am not needle-handy. I will definitely continue to wear them out and around, but probably not to school anymore. Boo.

Three: Despite the impending DOOM of this storm, the chances of school being cancelled are virtually nil. I hear that snow has to be like three feet for school to be canceled, because those great and awe-inspiring plows make the streets "clear." Dammit. [In comparison, two inches of snow in Seattle will at least postpone school for an hour or two, and if it's more, or especially cold and thus icy, we're out of there, baby.]

Four: False Alarm! Phlegm stage of Monewts still fully active and engaged!

Weird, random aside: I do some pretty good planning/thinking in the shower. And also during the walk to the train the morning. Both are totally free times, and I often will (quietly) talk myself through a lesson or the week or figure out the logic of lesson order. Am I the only one who does this?

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Brooklynteacher said...

Okay, I've upped my prayers to THREE feet now. Let's hope the bulk of the snow comes around 6 a.m., so there's no time to shovel it all! : )