Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ants in my pants again

ie, work ADD.

I put on the tape of the shows from this week and half-watched it while typing up test prep stuff and trying to start correcting homework. I have three days' worth to catch up on! Three assignments from three classes...UGH. This situation is one where I'm glad that I don't get homework from every single student. Although this week, numbers seem to be up. Good for them, but bad for me and my personal time. What personal time?

Anyway, I got about halfway through the very first pile (out of NINE) before I decided that I should write my rent check. Then I figured I'd better pay Cingular or they'd cut me off. Now I'm thinking I should get in the shower in time to watch Joey. (Dude, it's habit. I admit that I'm really dumb for watching it. But I'll be taping, not watching, The Apprentice. Yeah, not much saving face here.) But I also needed to upload those pictures from the AmeriCorps entry, and blog about how much I'm procrastinating.

So maybe I'll update later on how much I got done! I really need to get Monday's assignment (letters to Martin Luther King, Jr) corrected, because I will have them rewrite it tomorrow in class so that I can put it up on the bulletin board. There are some really touching ones! Maybe I'll put them up!

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