Wednesday, March 09, 2005

An Awesome Wednesday

Except for the fact that I wrote an entire post and thirty seconds before I could push "publish," the power went out. Goddammit! AND that means the recording of Alias cut out too.

Thankfully, it was only out about three minutes. So we're back and this is gonna have to be quick and dirty so that I can get to bed.

Yesterday was that crazy storm. It looked like a blizzard: big gusts of wind, snow blowing in sideways, icicles forming and ice covering all surfaces. It took a long time to get home, which is probably one reason why I didn't really do much work last night.

So this morning a bunch of people were gone, teachers and students. Our whole grade stayed in the auditorium to watch a movie through third period. Then I had fourth and fifth period preps. I teach Class B sixth and seventh periods on Wednesdays. However, they had taken that class and split them into other classes. So I had another two free periods. That means I only taught eighth period. FUCKING SWEET!

Eighth period was most of Class C mixed with half of Class B. I made them clean up the room and then we did BrainQuest. Please, if you have kids or are a teacher, throw in geography any possible way you can, here, there or anywhere. None of these kids, in any class I've been in at my school, have any CLUE about how the world is arranged. Or the difference between the names of states, countries, and continents.

Now it is late and I need to get in the shower.

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