Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Get this!

Two of my classes had to take some random test today. And, no joke, the first passage was about Narcissus. Is that awesome, or what? I said to Class B, "Aren't you glad you have such a well-read teacher who likes to share things with you?!" Heh. It was pretty damn cool. They will REALLY know the meaning of the word 'narcissism' now.

The shame lies in that Class A had to take the test too. And I did not get to do the fun Greek myth/wordplay with them yesterday. So it was just another passage in a test to them. Nothing special. I still might try to throw in the myth again tomorrow, see if they can recall/infer what narcissism must mean. And I can teach them 'shun.' What a fun word.

Last night I went shopping on the way home. I got a few DVDs (3 for $25! The Princess Bride, Notting Hill, and the Big Chill) and some random stuff too, including a bunch of half-price Easter candy. Whee! I do love cheap chocolate. Mm, Cadbury eggs.

I am still very sleepy. Slept only marginally better than I did on Sunday night. I was exhausted, but my brain just keeps on trucking. On Sunday I dreamt that I was in some kind of hotel/hostel. No closed rooms, and it was getting late. I was trying to sleep, but there were people everywhere talking, making noise, playing loud music. I was all stomping around, telling them to be quiet already!

Holy cow, the sky was clear blue and almost warm this afternoon! It's like a springtime miracle!

I stayed after school for over an hour, making a poster, cleaning up my pigsty of a desk, trying to organize test stuff, and other miscellaneous tasks. At the beginning of the year, I used to do that a lot, stay in my room doing whatever. I rarely do that anymore, though. Hm.

I have been getting compliments and comments from my colleagues on my enthusiasm and energy and skill. I thank them as graciously as I can, but I'm thinking, dude, are you talking about ME? Weird! Nice, though, to know that I come across as talented and energetic. I sure don't feel like it. I feel like I complain a lot, or whine, or just whatever. But I do know that I have come miles from where I was back in October, as an intimidated, overwhelmed newbie. God, that was a rough time. The ultimate sink or swim, like I've been saying all year. I think I can say that I'm dogpaddling now. Not racing in the Olympic 100-meter or anything, but I'm doing okay staying abovewater.

Alright, done with the half-assed water metaphors. For now, anyway.

I can't wait to be a second-year teacher. I'll still be learning all the time, and I have no doubt it will still be VERY difficult, but at least I won't be totally green. And I'll be able to plan to throw in grammar, vocabulary and wordplay on a regular basis. I'll have to make myself a t-shirt that says, "Caution! Lexicon Expansion Underway!" I could wear them on certain days, and even raffle off others as part of an incentive program. Dude, that is so awesome. I have to do that!

Once I get truly comfortable with management and stuff, I think I have fantastic potential as an educator. I am very confident in my subject area, as a person, not just as a teacher. I have a ton of experiences to draw from, most of which is very unlike the experience of my students. I hope to open their eyes to new ideas, like travel and community service. I know a lot of things that they don't, and I am eager to share with them everything that I can.

Okay, I better stop, because I'm starting to sound like that enthusiastic, energetic new teacher that the other teachers are seeing. Bah humbug! Heh.


Melissa said...

I LOVE your idea for a lexicon expansion t-shirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymouph said...

Your enthusiasm is infectious! I love it! Grammar and vocab nerds of the world, UNITE!!