Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fee Fie Fo Fum, I smell...Friday!

Thank god only two days left are left of the week.

Let's see. It's late. All of the classes were sort of shitty today. Not horrible or anything, but there was too much chatting and attitude from too many of them. Especially Class B. Which was such a shame because nearly half the class was desperately trying to participate. Days like this, I'm like, dang, I really do kind of suck at this. Teaching, I mean. Oh well.

Had QC class today, after two weeks of not being there. Didn't feel like I'd been gone or anything. I also was not prepared; I did not even pretend to try to do any work for either class. Right. Class=lame and boring! Ha, I'm such a hypocrite. Like I care anymore; I'm too busy for that shit, man.

Cute nice boy is killing me. He was pretty flirty tonight, but I always think boys are teasing me when they're too nice. I wasn't sure how to react, so I just played it light. During our class note-taking conversation, he called me smart, then cute, then composed lyrical odes to me. My response: Shut up! We laughed. Aw, he's cute and he's too nice. It's fun to giggle and daydream about a boy liking me...but I usually regress to my thirteen-year-old, insecure self and say, Naw, I'm weird, unattractive, too smart, too smart-alecky, and standoffish. And insecure. No one would like me. Nothing comes of this crap anyway; the daydreaming or the insecure ramblings. So shut up, me.

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