Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sweet Rest, One Day Hence

"If I had a teacher that looked like you, I would have become an astronaut."
Heh, some dude on the Onion IM'ed me with that.

Also, got to chat with cuteteacher. Mm, he's cute. Pretty sure he's taken, too, but that doesn't matter. Not because I'm a wanton hussy, but because it's not like I have any hope of attracting anyone.

Today was alright. My lessons were pretty bad, because Wednesday nights are full of classes and no time for silly lesson planning. (Though apparently at least some time for leisure blogging--good thing I have my priorities all lined up!)

Class B were angels this morning! I love them on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The other days of the week, I could toss half of them out of my third-floor window. For all of first period reading workshop, they were awesome. I put them into literature circles for the first time, and they ALL read SILENTLY, then used accountable talk when they were supposed to! It was a beautiful sight to behold.

Class A was okay today. I had to step partway out the door to talk to two students that came in late, and Little K continued fielding suggestions for action words and writing them on the board, while standing on a stool (because he really is little). It was kind of cute. I had to remind him to double his consonants for words like jogged and hopped and whatever.

I kept the five brats from yesterday for lunch detention. I told them to scrub the desks and then gave them a stern talking-to. I think they rolled their eyes and just waited it out. Which is okay, I can't expect much different. I do my teacher-lecture thing, they do their impatient-kid thing. All's right with the world. (That sounds sarcastic, but I'm totally serious.) Some of them did say sorry, though. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

Class C this afternoon was, big surprise, chatty. Such a disappointment that there was no silence during the reading period, because Class B had done so beautifully. For writing, at some point it actually got totally quiet for a minute, and I said, "Goodness me, it's quiet! Does that mean you all are working? I'm shocked!" kind of goofy...and so the room erupted in laughs. Dammit, I broke the spell. I try to be not boring in my word choices, but it backfires. I said that they should turn in perfect papers tomorrow, so I can "pop those suckers right up on the bulletin board." More laughs and giggles and comments. Argh.

Yesterday there was a funny one, though. The school pictures came back, and each kid that got individual pictures also got a copy of their class picture. I was in their class picture too, since I'm their homeroom teacher. It looks like the elementary school pictures of my youth, except mine is the ony white face. And so when I looked at it, I said out loud, "God, I look so white in this picture!" And this girl Chatty C cracked up and made sure to tell everyone else.

Tomorrow is Friday!

We have testing to do, but it's only a practice test. We will then evaluate the results for the next three weeks of 'test sophistication Fridays'. So no real lesson needed for tomorrow. Whee!

So tired. Very slightly less phlegmy today, but just as coughy and congested. Hurrah.

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