Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sometimes my students make me laugh.

Yesterday during the test, from Little K, disgusted and annoyed:
"These tests make me think."

This morning during lunch, from a girl in Class A:
"Ms C, it's been awhile!"
Me: "...you mean since yesterday?"
Girl: "Yeah! A day is like a year to me."

At the end of class, talking to the same girl:
Me: "Why are you writing on looseleaf, where's your notebook?"
Girl: "Oh, they're at home. I copy my work into my notebook when I get home."
Me: [weird look]
Girl, shrugging self-deprecatingly: "I got nothing to do later. I'm bored at home."

Other conversations:

Today at lunch:
Girl 1: "Ms C, what's your first name?"
Me: [silent]
Girl 2: "Does it start with an S?"
Me: [silent, struggling to keep a straight face]
Girl 3: Is it Samantha?
Me: [still silent]
Girl 2 to the others: "She looks like a Samantha, don't you think?"
Girl 1 to Girl 3: "You look like a Dora."
Girl 3: "I look like a DORA?!"
Me: [REALLY struggling to keep a straight face and not adding in that Girl 3 kind of does look like a Dora.]

My college mentor came in today, and was there for the angel act that Class B gives every time I have them first period. He told me that I've made a lot of progress. In turn, I told him that this class is Jekyll and Hyde; they're totally different in the afternoon. Buggers.

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