Sunday, March 13, 2005

Making progress, being productive...

So I followed that list pretty well so far. I was up until 1 and slept until 9.30. Wish I'd been able to sleep more.

I got right into correcting homework. When I was about two-thirds done, I had to find something else to do. So I did one of the online book orders that my kids turned in. I now have finished up the homework for the week. (I still have their midwinter break stories, but I'm not really counting that at the moment; I'm not going to sit and read through them all right now.) Hurrah!

One of the things I have to do for my reading class at QC is make a predictable book. One that has repetition or patterns and stuff like that. I had a bright idea to use camp song lyrics! Good job, me. It shouldn't be too tough to put them onto pages and plan an illustration. Then I can make my kids do the actual illustrating. Whee for making kids do my homework, heh!

Let's see. So it's 2.00 already. This day has gone quickly so far.

I still need to figure out my lesson plans for the week. I've got my blank template up, and I have ideas about what to's the organizing and writing out and making actual decisions that I hate and thus put off as much as possible.

I also need to organize all the shit that I have at home that I should bring to school, namely test prep and handouts from the AP. Ugh, how boring and tedious.

So I learned something new this morning, while looking around the Scholastic website. Since it's Women's History Month, they have some special profiles. I read the one on Sally Ride, because the Girl Scout camp we worked at two years had a special museum room of her stuff from when she attended the camp. I already knew that she was the first American woman in space. But um, I totally thought she died in the Challenger explosion. She did go on the Challenger space shuttle, twice actually, but that was before the accident. She actually investigated the explosion.
How did I not know this? Duh. See? Sometimes, I'm a little bit dumb.

I was thinking earlier that if I'd done all this crap on Saturday, I wouldn't be so rushed to get through everything in one day. And I would actually get to do (or, um, plan to or pretend to do) my own homework. Without being stressed or pressured or whatever.

But you know what? The past two weekends I've taken Saturdays for my own days, not doing anything at all related to school. And it felt so wonderful, to just be me, not Ms C. To run my own errands, to sit on my ass and watch movies all afternoon, to stay up late watching television. I felt relaxed and good.

If only we could always have three-day weekends, so that we could have 'personal days' but also get two days to work. Stupid five-day workweek.

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