Saturday, March 19, 2005

Thursday night and Friday

I did indeed go work out on Thursday night, to a stability ball class. It was way tough. My hamstrings cramped up something fierce. My whole abdomen was also worked heavily. Ow, basically.

Friday, I was still battling tightly-wrung hamstrings. Could not shake it out or anything.

At school, a girl in Class A asked, "Ms C, can we do the skits again? They was mad fun."
I said, "Unfortunately, we have no time. We have a bunch of stuff to do next week."
Girl: "Could we do it when we have, you know, extra time or whatever?"
I gave her a look and said, "With this group, you think we're gonna have extra time?"
Girl: ""

For test prep stuff, I continued the critical analysis/author's purpose reading passages and group activities. Class A did not get all their time, though. First period was an unannounced assembly for our grade. I hate that. Things being sprung on us last minute, I mean. Assemblies, I love.

Anyway, we did some of the practice reading passages. Next week perhaps they'll get to do the group activities. That class keeps getting shafted for various reasons.

Class B continued the group work. It's really hard to try and explain the inferences in comic strips to kids. Probably not inherently difficult, but to do it quickly and urgently, because there are five other groups that are potentially trying to cause insane chaos, is not easy or fun.

Class C did fine. Both times that I counted to five for silence, I only actually got to three before it was dead silent. Excellent! I think I'm pulling them over to 'my side.' The next thing to do is to get them to turn in the homework. SEVEN children turned in homework on Thursday. Nearly all of the kids in that class might fail this quarter. God, the admin is going to kill me.

Let's see. I hung around chatting after school, then got home and did nothing, really. Later on I went over to Ms C's and we drove out to the island for a 'girls' night' at another teacher's house. It was one of those hosted home-parties, with an adult theme. I felt a little innocent and naive, especially since I'm so very single.

But it was fun, and there were snacks. We hung around afterward, Ms F was there, me, Ms C, and the other teacher. Sat around talking and stuff. Men, work, families, that kind of thing. Relaxing and social, too.

Got home really late, showered, and fell into bed.

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