Saturday, March 05, 2005

Why I Heart Weekends

1. I can sleep in.

2. I can eat chocolate for breakfast.

3. I can watch Netflix movies.

4. I can take a nap in the afternoon.

5. I can go into the city.

6. I can spend two hours or more browsing in a used bookstore.

7. I can definitely spend thirty hard-earned dollars if it buys six books.

8. I can eat a leisurely dinner at a fast-food joint.

And the best reason?
9. I don't have to be a teacher; I don't have to even *think* about school! I LOVE THAT!


Coach Brown said...

Used bookstores f-ing rock! We have two crappy ones here in Ukiah, but anytime we go out of town, first stop, used bookstore.

Hang in there!

Nancy said...

Have you been to the used book store on 7th or 8th street, close to Thompkins Square Park? I think its called East Village books. I've found some good books there!