Tuesday, March 01, 2005


You know how this illness is still lingering? Well, this sounds weird, but it's starting over, even as it's still there.

I've got the coughing and the hacking. But the sore throat is here again. And this very odd feeling in my neck possibly related to sinus congestion or something. Like I'm now getting another cold or whatever on top of whatever I've had for the past three or four weeks.


I'm watching a tape of Medium from last night, and that commercial came on. It shows a boy walking through a series of rooms, getting older in each room. Each room features people hypnotized in front of a television. The music is a creepy, accordion type that usually accompanies suspenseful action.

The first time I saw this ad, I was a bit creeped out and figured it was some kind of PSA about the evils of television. Like, 'Get outside and LIVE your life before you grow old and DIE!'

But actually, it's an ad FOR TELEVISION.

What is wrong with this country?

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Ben said...

Jules. I really like your blog. Actually, I found it because I was searching for some dirt on The Second Mrs. Giaconda because I have a very "needy" class who "needs" to have a very "easy" exam. Or they'll all fail. You know how it is. So, instead of finding multiple choice questions about Beatrice and Isabellasays, I found your blog. Which I really like. But you know that.

I'm a teacher, too!