Tuesday, March 22, 2005


It's Tuesday, I think. I know I wrote a post last night. Blogger, why do you test my love like that?

Tonight was the skating trip for my grade. It was an adventure, but pretty fun. Once we got there, I became Julie again, instead of Ms C.

Tall T's mom told me tonight that Tall T's writing is really improved, and that I have turned her around. She told her mom the other night, "I love ELA, Mommy!"

A girl told me that I was different than in class; "you're nice now but mean in class" or something. heh.

I helped a few unsteady girls on their skates. I helped serve pizza and soda to each group of kids. I got to skate around the rink a few times, too.

I got to smile and laugh freely around my kids. It was fun.

The other part of the day was alright. I yelled at/lectured Class C about their laziness. Then we went to the book fair and I spent forty bucks on books and pencils to add to my collection.

We reviewed the kinds of figurative language that we've already learned this year: simile, metaphor, alliteration, personification, and onomatopoeia. I read my story to them and then demonstrated how to add in figurative language. By then there were only five or ten minutes left, and I handed back the few drafts I had. Everyone was all confused and upset that I didn't give them back something.

Tomorrow they'll continue with this. We'll talk about either SNOT (show and not tell) or action words/speaker tags.

I can't remember Monday now. That was too long ago.

Oh, wait. It went pretty well. My new procedures of a Do-Now and different homework collection eventually quieted all my classes. Today it still took awhile. I can't really practice a do-now, but it will be there every day. I suppose that means that soon enough they will get used to it.

Then we reviewed simile and metaphor, and I handed out a sheet for them to work on with a partner, to finish a simile comparison. Miracle of miracles, just about everyone was engaged! It was lovely and fantastic.


Anonymous said...

Best book report ever!

Anonymous said...

I guest that should link should've been this

Nancy said...

Yeah, when it comes to new daily routines like Do Nows, persistence and consistency is key. Before you know it, they'll be reminding you to put the Do Now up if you should ever omit it one day. Even the most thickheaded of them wil get it eventually!