Saturday, March 12, 2005

A Teacher's Sunday To-Do List

1. Sleep as long as I possibly can.
2. Begin correcting homework.
3. After thirty or forty minutes, desperately search for something else to do.
4. Around lunchtime, dutifully get back to work.
5. Soon after, decide to do some online research for lesson plans.
6. Get working on the week's lesson plans.
7. Stretch and impatiently see what I can do to finish working on the homework.
8. Sit up with a start and yell out, "Oh shit!"
9. Dig out the syllabi for my own courses and figure out what I'm supposed to have accomplished by this Wednesday evening.
10. Groan and half-heartedly try to work on it.
11. Look around and squirm.
12. Look dispairingly at the piles of homework ungraded and lessons not written out.
13. Eventually give up and tell myself there's just no time.
14. Take a nap.
15. Wake up and pretend that the piles are actually gold, proving my extreme wealth and good fortune.
16. Giggle and pretend the damn piles don't exist at all.
17. Watch a Netflix movie.
18. Again look at the piles. Sigh uncomfortably.
19. Suddenly remember that I need to the store. Yeah.
20. Return home after dark, and shake my head that oh dear, it's just too late to get it all finished in time.
21. Resolve to work more during the week.
22. Relax and watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.
23. Read in bed.
24. Get to bed before 11.

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