Thursday, March 24, 2005


It's the long weekend!! I am so happy.

In fact, I am so happy and a little frazzled that I can't really think of anything much to say. The week is over. I have three days FREE!

Last night was weird. We're doing these individual presentations in the second class. Two people went yesterday. First was someone talking about blindness, and she taught us about the Braille alphabet. Even gave us all cards with dots for each letter. It was interesting.

The second presentation was by this hipster-artsy girl. She spread out the backside of poster paper on the floor, dumped out a pile of art supplies, and told us to gather round and fill in as much white space as we could, with whatever we wanted. Every two minutes we switched areas.

Something about the whole thing affected me. When she told us about the project, I got a little choked up and emotional. The first round I just hung back, standing up and looking down, kind of frozen. I was intimidated and felt shy and very young. The next one I timidly joined in. I didn't do much, and I stayed silent, feeling like a nervous little girl. By the end, I was just...weird.

The whole art/creation/expression thing triggered something in me. I don't really know what. I realized that I've been neglecting a lot of my own life, since June, really. Even though I don't work my fingers to the bone as a teacher, I still don't do anything for me. Watching tv doesn't count. Sleeping in on the weekends doesn't count. I have no life. I realized how lonely I've become, how emotionally isolated I am. I felt awful, sad, depressed, blue, melancholy.

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