Sunday, January 09, 2005


Both because of my rambling post from yesterday and also my general mood all weekend.

It is 4pm on Sunday, and I have done absolutely no work whatsoever all weekend. While it feels lovely to relax, sleep, read, etc, I am feeling a bit of anticipatory stress for the upcoming week.

I need to get back to the Seven Habits of Effeficient Readers as well as the list of Literary Devices. So, in Reading Workshop tomorrow, I will ask the students to review the habits we have done so far. And then we will practice "visualization." I'm not really sure how I should teach that, what sort of notes I should have them write down for it, but oh well. I'll do what I can. I figure I'll read a passage and talk about what I'm seeing in my head. Then they can read their books and draw a scene from there as a "response."

For writing, I'll start on Monday with filling in the research chart in class. Then, if nothing else, Monday night I can figure out what to do the rest of the week. Yikes.

Last night, I went out to the city. Ms J had a birthday gathering. I joined them, met some other new teachers, had a nice time. We started at Negril's for a Caribbean dinner, then went to the club 40/40. I left soon after that, because while the music was decent, it was really loud. And I'm old.

Then, I met up with another friend and his friends. Just sat at a bar and talked about whatever. Met a girl who is in school for education at the moment, so we talked about that for a bit.

I got to bed at 3.30 and made myself get up at 11.30 this morning. Like I said, I have done nothing all day. Watched a program called "Visions of England" and part of "The Queen's Story" on PBS. Excellent stuff.

I'm tired. I don't want to work.

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