Sunday, January 30, 2005

Second class done!

Hurrah me!

I did end up doing a bodyflow relaxed me enough to NOT go back to work right away. So I watched tv and did whatever. Then I got back to work, and finished up Class C.
Just Class B is left. Yay!

That's six hours today. STILL haven't really thought about the week's lesson plans. I actually started mapping them out last weekend, but have not looked at them since.

I think this is what I'm going to do. I'll semi-watch Home Edition, and simultaneously work on lessons. Then later, after a shower, if I'm really good, I'll do a bit of Class B inputting. But really, I'll probably do that tomorrow night. One class won't be bad at all. I'm so proud of me!

God, now I really need to celebrate with even more alcohol. Friends?

Oh, and I keep forgetting that the new semester of class begins on Wednesday. Actually, it started on Thursday, but since I have Wednesday class, I get to start this week. I'm terrified that I've gotten used to having all my after-school time to myself and taht I'll jump up from my computer at 6.30 on Wednesday and go, "Oh SHIT!" and run out the door.
No, I'll just make a big note to myself to go straight to class after school on Wednesday. Although that doesn't make sense, I'll have an hour to kill either here or there. Maybe I can get a head start on test prep stuff. I HATE test prep. Die, test prep!

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