Thursday, January 06, 2005

Here is a sample five paragraph essay

Have you ever felt like you just needed a break from your everyday life? Sometimes I do, but I just get through it anyway. In this essay I will discuss why finally taking a mental health day was a very smart thing to do.

First, I got to sleep in. Since I have averaged six to seven hours a night all week, I was pretty tired. Because I took a mental health day, I got to sleep for more than ten hours! I feel happy as a lark that I got to sleep in.

Second, I can get some work done. I have already marked one of the homework assignments. It's the one for writing a persuasive essay that will go up on the bulletin board when I get to school tomorrow. Overall, I am impressed with the students' work. I think a couple studenets have noticeably improved! That feels amazing. Plus, right now it's only 1pm, so there is still a lot of time to cut out letters for the bulletin board, finish marking as much homework as I can, and maybe even updating my grades in the computer.

Third, I will have some time to relax, too. I plan on watching at least one episode of Felicity, now that I have already gotten some work done. I can read a book if I want to. Possibly, I might even want to take a nap later!

As you can see, I really needed to take a day for myself, personally and professionally. I will be able to sleep in, get some work done, but also relax, too. My friend and colleague Ms C called to check in with me, and she agreed that the kids moving their seats and desks is a problem that I need to talk to the administrators about. That helps me feel like I have some support in my job environment, from colleagues, and in theory, from the superiors. I hope you liked my essay. Maybe next time you're feeling worn down to a thread, you too can think about giving yourself a mental health day.


posthipchick said...

i give your essay an 'A'!
glad you are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

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