Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Still extremely tired, again, some more.

Um, let's see. So the presentations began in earnest today. Class A finished theirs. Class B had trouble shutting up to hear theirs. Class C tried not to fall asleep during theirs, but at least they were quiet.

A group of girls in Class B actually did a skit. It was cute and the class loved it. All the other groups have just straight read their reports.

To keep the rest of the class interested, I told them that they need to give feedback and grades for each presentation. After we started, I realized that it was really dumb to not quantify the grades thing. We should have created a rubric together, last week, so that they would have been more prepared for doing their own, as well as for grading the others. BAD TEACHER!

I need to figure out what to do with Class A for one period tomorrow. Class B will probably end up with some time to kill too. Quite possibly Class C also. The midterm is Friday, so some review would be a good idea, except that they would not shut up for it. I would need some kind of worksheet or thing for them to copy. Ooh, how about that pop quiz? I'll think about that.

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