Saturday, January 22, 2005

Blizzard Updates 2005

It is noon, and the snow is falling fairly gently here, nothing really sticking yet. I just heard on NBC that it will snow until noon tomorrow and there may be up to TWO feet of snow. I doubt that for around here, though. Maybe further out on the island. We'll see.

So last night was pretty ugly for me. My throat hurt really bad and I could hardly eat because swallowing was so painful. I finally went to bed at 12.30, but could not at all breathe through my nose. I hate that and I can't sleep that way. Plus, for some reason, my phone rang four times. The calling number was just listed as "425" which is the area code of my phone. Hm, suspicious. The last time, I woke up and answered it in time, but got no response. And then I just turned it off. No voicemails this morning.

All of that was around 2am. Then, at six, I was awake again, not being able to breathe. I popped some decongestant and returned to bed, tossing and turning.

At 8 I was awake again, and I got up that time. Good news is that swallowing is not as painful now, so I can eat normally again. Haven't done anything all morning, and also took a little nap.

Snow looks a bit thicker now. Eee!

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