Saturday, January 29, 2005

A productive end to the day

Well, I came home and puttered around online, not doing anything for a number of hours.

But then! Talked Mom through Snapfish and decided to get myself cracking. So I graded all the holiday packet stuff AND input it all in the computer. Then I put in a few more things in there, like notebook grades and participation. There's many more things to input still, but I made a dent at least.

God, only one more day left of the weekend. I can't even think about it. Shit, I am so fucked. I really want to make this next week of lessons a good batch, so we get the new quarter off to a new start. That requires planning and creative thinking, both of which require extensive periods of time. Something that I do not have this weekend. At least not if I want to remain sane.

Working on Chapter 2, which is short. Chapter 3 will be fairly vague and cover much more time.
Found more Ameri-blogs today, which is fun. Good luck and have fun to all of the new Class XI!

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