Sunday, January 23, 2005

Wheee!! Blizzard!!

Still hasn't stopped snowing. The wind is now going fairly strong, occasionally blowing the snow completely horizontal. Awesome.

It looks like there's about a foot built up around here, but again, it's hard to tell without actually going outside. I have absolutely no clothes that would even pretend to be snow-appropriate, so it's a good thing I'm comfortable being a hermit. I'll just stay inside until tomorrow morning.

Also, the phlegm has arrived. Causing lots of coughing fits, hacking and gagging. FUN.

Last night's attempt at sleep was only marginally better than the night before. I appear to have use of one nostril, but not the other. That's not enough to actually breathe normally, of course, so I kept waking up, moaning in frustration and pain.

I dreamt about being a teacher, I think I might have even been a male teacher. Anyway, I made up a project and it was awesome. Wish I could remember something more about it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey you know, I left the comment before and I honestly meant no harm. I AM a teacher and I know what a really, really tough job it is. So apologies for my negativity-it read harsher than I meant it, and your original post read differently (to me) than how you described the situation just now.