Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Got through another day

Last night I stayed up watching Medium and then flipped through newspapers looking for articles relevant to our proposal project. Went to bed around 11.30, which is very late for me on a school night.

Today was fine, though. I got through it. My lesson was about 'shopping for vegetables,' ie, looking for facts and statistics. I handed out a research matrix, calling it a 'shopping list.' I modeled how to do it with an article, and then, tomorrow because I ran out of time in all three classes, they will get into their project groups and do research. They were supposed to bring in resources (saw some good reference books and stuff) on their topic, and I'll distribute my pile of newspapers for them to look in.

All the classes were chatty. I have noticed that I just dread Class A. It breaks my heart, because there are at least three students who always are attentive and on task, but a third of the class is chattering and frittering away time.

I suppose that the situation is not horrible, exactly. Frustrating and sometimes it seems pointless to teach, because they just keep talking. So far, this week, I feel like I'm doing a fair job of staying focused but not taking things too much to heart. It's like, just get through the day, and do my best. I'm happy with this salad metaphor, I think it will be easy to continue with that during the rest of the unit lessons.

We had common planning today, and I shared my Proposal Salad bowl and chart with my colleagues. They said that they thought it was really great. Possibly was just "sure, sure, fine, whatever," but even so, it was nice to hear.

I think what I'm trying to convey is that I feel sort of disconnected. Not during class or during instruction or anything, but I'm not excited or bummed about anything. Trying to be an oily duck (repelling water or something). A little bit blah.

On a positive note, there were a number of donations for the Red Cross. Many students that forgot today said they will bring in money tomorrow. A boy in Class B donated $21, and a girl in Class A donated $23! I was so proud of them for making a big contribution. I wonder how much we can collect by the end of the week? I'm writing the donations on the big envelopes they're putting the money in, so it will be easy to keep track of while still keeping the money safe. (Did I say yesterday that someone in all three classes asked, "How do we know that you won't steal it?" or "How do we know that you'll really send it to them?" I couldn't believe it. Later, I wondered if they are used to people just taking money for themselves, or stealing it, or whatever. Maybe that's what they do! Who knows. Anyway, I will do my best to show them how to do the right thing.

So I didn't really do any work after school or at home today. Still no homework corrected. But I'm okay with that. An oily duck, that's me.

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