Sunday, January 16, 2005

Random stuff from this weekend

Last night I had a dream about being in France. Specifically, at Versailles (that looked nothing like the real Versailles, of course), with a group of people including my mom. We left the complex and I asked some guard/gatekeepers where the metro was (in French). The man guard said something, but he was speaking fast and there was background noise, so I couldn't hear/understand him. And so he goes, "I speak English, why don't you speak English!" Then the lady guard took us and told us at first that the metro was over there, but closed.

Then, by exploring and stuff, we found two metros, both open. The signs were yellow circles with the letter F, but marked something in French. And so obviously I was irritated at the lying guardlady, and tried to tell her that she was small. Yeah, I don't know.

Then I was at a circular track, riding an ATV. Within the track was a giant elephant, and some friends of mine were swinging from the elephant's trunk, going three thousand feet into the air, coming down on the other side of the elephant, then swinging back again.

Oh, and another dream was school-related. In this dream, I had started the year teaching at a school, doing math and other things. Then, I had switched to what I thought was a permanent classroom somewhere else doing English. But I got a call to return to the first school. I had plan a math lesson and I was nervous and felt unprepared. But I got to the room and it started okay. Before much time had passed, I was told to leave and go back to my 'permanent' school and class. I was so confused! There was a dream very similar to this awhile back, but without the second return.

Very odd mind I have.

Yesterday, I learned a new word, solipsism. It's a philosophy wherein the only thing you can fully prove and believe in is the self. Interesting.

I also decided to come home for a visit over midwinter break in February! It will be for four nights, I think. I'll still have a whole weekend before and after to relax here and do some work (or pretend to, anyway). Anyway, I am excited. It should be fun.

While verifying the dates of break, I noticed that our spring break is a week later than we'd thought--meaning we need to change our reservations asap. I got the hotel changed, and it actually saved us nearly two hundred dollars altogether. The airfares, however, have gone up a lot in only six days. No matter what, we'll have to pay more. We may also get less time in Vegas because of the cheap flight times.

Yesterday I stopped by the library and then went to Target. I bought a VCR, Taboo for Kids, a yummy pear-scented candle, and some other random things.

Today, let's see. I went to the grocery store, finally. I picked up some cables and tried to figure out the VCR. It took a few tries with different outlets and things, but now it's all hooked up. Woohoo! Better reception than the TV alone, too.

It is so fantastic to know that I still have another day of weekend. I have a lot of work to do, and I have done none at all so far. I really need to get started on those holiday packets that have been sitting on my floor for two weeks. Then there are lessons for next week to be written. God, I just don't want to do anything. But I better start kicking my own ass into gear, because it's going to be trouble if I stay so unmotivated and unproductive.

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