Sunday, January 30, 2005

Work-induced ADD

Good lord, I've been working for four hours already. The last hour I've been losing focus and getting bored.

BAH! I hate just sitting and working all day!

I did get all of Class A finished: all the grades put in the computer and even bubbled in grades on the report card forms.

I have one more batch of papers to finish marking and then I have lots to input for both Class B and C.

So it's 2.30 and I just can't take it anymore. Mom suggested I go out for a walk, but that would require getting dressed and we all know I don't like doing that.

I could do a bodyflow workout; I even tidied up my floor. But I don't know. I might just watch some Felicity or something.

Grr, I am bored!

I have so much more to do! How will I get it all done in time?!

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Anonymouph said...

If you're like me, you won't get it all done in time. My Sundays go like this: work a little, check e-mail, work a little, go to kitchen, check e-mail, work a little, check blogs, check e-mail, work a little...repeat...