Monday, January 17, 2005

A Day ON, Not a Day Off

This morning, sometime between 1.30 and 8.30, it snowed! Only about an inch, but still, it made our street very pretty. It's been a lot colder the past couple days; the last three weeks have been nice and mild, so this cold comes as more of a shock. I mean, my hands are numb even with my newer, thicker gloves. Brrr.

This morning was the volunteer event with Children for Children. It was held in a gym in Manhattan, with a bunch of tables with different projects aimed to help different communities (kids in hospitals, homeless, elderly).

TWO of my students came to the event for extra credit! I was afraid that none would show up, so it was a relief. Plus, they seemed to have a good time. S and I worked putting together craft kits for hospitalized kids, and then stuffing 'surgery pal' dolls. F joined us later coloring 5x5 squares that became a mosiac mural. It was fun.

Even better than just volunteering, the organization had a Newsday reporter come out and interview us! The kids are really excited about that. (I'm a little excited about it, too, truth be told.) The reporter lady asked both of them how they felt about volunteering and Martin Luther King, Jr, and they both were articulate and heartfelt. Hurrah.

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