Sunday, January 23, 2005

Boo hoo, the weekend is over

But the snowy neighborhood outside is so lovely!

The power went out this morning. I thought, "ooh that's going to suck once it gets dark, but if it stays off all day, then whoops, I wouldn't be able to set my alarm for Monday..." Bugger all, it came back on three hours later. I spent the time well, writing and thinking about my next "unit" of study. I'm getting excited for it, it should be much more fun for the students.

I FINALLY did some work with those holiday packets! All I did was separate the scantrons from the packet, and take out the written portion of the packet too, and mark whether the student got the extra 5 points. It took awhile, and it may not sound very productive, but I promise you, it makes me feel so much better. It will be extremely easy to finish grading them now that that first organizational step is out of the way.

I watched Mean Girls, one of the DVDs I bought what, last week? Funny stuff. I feel old though, because I really relate so much more to Tina Fey's character. Kind of because I want to be her. Partly because Tina Fey herself is awesome, but also because her Ms N is so honest and bumbling, but intelligent.

Then I searched around the net and put together some cause and effect things. That means I'll need to make copies in the morning, that will suck.

Even though the wind was still howling, the sky cleared and the sun came out early this afternoon. So, since I'd been cooped up for two days, and needed food, and I really wished I could just go play in the snow, I got all dressed in layers and walked to the store. There were other people out and about, many of them shoveling driveways or the drifts surrounding their cars. The drifts from the wind and the plows combined to become pretty impressive snow dunes, up to three feet high. That made interesting sidewalk/side street intersections. If no one had already cleared a path through the dune, you just have to figure out how to get over it or through it.

The weather was not bad. The wind wasn't constant, and the sun was pleasant. Some of the big lawns were still covered in pristine blankets of white snow. It felt nice to crunch over the packed snow on the sidewalk, and look at the other crazy people walking around, wearing too many clothes.

So now it's already nearly 9.30. I need to hop in the shower and "finalize" my lessons for tomorrow. I'm not sure what sort of day it will be, normal or snow-different. Meaning, will everyone make it? If not, and we have lots of absent kids, that would so rock. We could just read and play educational games. So that's why this week's plans are a bit hazy; they could actually start on time, or up to two days late.

Speaking of absences, I wager I'll be wanting to take one myself. My throat is not really progressing much. The coughing/hacking/gagging act is still the main show, and, well, trust me, I am gross. Yuck. But I really can't spare a day at all, big surprise. Wish me luck in getting through the day. And week, if it comes to that.

Thank you, kind commenter, for your apology. I'm glad you understand better now. Negative comments do have the benefit of making me closely examine my habits and attitudes, which is a good thing to do every once in a while. But again, thank you for being nice about it.

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