Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Friday Countdown starts early this week

Okay, yeah, I don't feel good. In mind or in spirit. It's still fucking cold inside. Okay, I just put gloves on. GLOVES ON. INFUCKINGDOORS!

My headache is still there, a little more dull, a little more achy. It sort of feels like it's in my sinuses too, or something. Uh oh, that's not good. Maybe the throat tickle (which is a little louder than a tickle) is not a fluke. Dammit, if I'm getting sick, I can't let myself take another day off. I just took on not even two full weeks ago. SHIT. Three more days until the weekend!

At the moment I'm just feeling defeated, down, depressed, and some other negative D words.

No, I'm not much more nutritioned than I was last week. Still not enough food, or sleep either. I think I will crash very early tonight, maybe that will help. See how icky I feel? I don't even care about television. True, I will be taping Scrubs and SVU, but normally I would watch The Amazing Race. I don't care about it anymore, though, so I might as well quit watching it and wasting time.

You know what I do want? Just a hug. Someone who will listen to me groan and reassure me that things will be fine and then give me a nice big cushy hug. It doesn't matter too much; a friend, a boy, a parent, I'm not choosy.

These gloves seem to helping my cold-ass hands. I guess that's something. Dangit, now I'm shivering (don't worry, it's probably more emotion than temperature; I'm pretty sure I can't get hypothermia indoors. The ice water probably does not help either).

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