Sunday, January 02, 2005

I don't WANNA go back to school!

Gah, I'm dreading it. I feel underprepared and tired in anticipation. Waah!

Yesterday I wrote a lesson plan. I couldn't do much more than that, because we are missing pages from the America's Choice book that the lessons come from. I got all fidgety and frustrated because I just didn't know what to do or how to do it, and only gave myself two weeks in which to do it. Wah! Called Mom, and she suggested a review of what we have already done so far, but do it with a fun theme like food or something.

Well, fantastic idea, of course. So I came up with a big salad metaphor, and cut up construction paper for the visual. (All of her visit, Mummy dearest kept drumming things like "Visuals!" into my head. Irritating, but good and necessary nonetheless.) I'm pretty pleased with it.

Tuesday I will do the fancy reading workshop I came up with already, and help the kids with research stuff in class.

So, only two other days of real lessons to plan, and then test prep. You know what? I wonder if I can get out of test prep for the next two weeks. There's already not enough time to get this proposal done. I'd actually forgotten about it until just now. If I have to do test prep, we really won't finish on time.

If I push the due date back, I have to still make it after a weekend, because the parents get all whiny about library usage during the week if they work or the kid does YMCA after school. But, my due date is the 18th (Tuesday after a long weekend), and the last day of the quarter is the 21st, that Friday. Pushing it back til the 24th means that the grade won't get in before the quarter is over.

Friday night and Saturday night, Ms C invited me to hang out with her and her family. It was a lot of fun. Lots of adorable kids running around, and bingo-playing.

Both nights I was a naughty girl and stayed up very late. And now it's a school night and I just know I'm not going to get much sleep.

Today I finally got around to making a new seating chart. I drew up a template and then printed out name tags for each desk, which I then traced with marker to make it stand out more.
I went to Staples, got markers and tape, and had transparencies made of the Google pages I'm using in Tuesday's reading workshop. I also bought some half-price calendars at Barnes & Noble. Hurrah for sales, I only wish I could have done lots more shopping.

It is seven p.m. I might watch me some Felicity, or read. I should prepare more for school. I so wish I could have gone in yesterday. I need to move the desks around, tape on all the name tags, plus all the regular morning things. I might try to get there even earlier than normal...if I can bear to get up early. Ugh.

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