Friday, January 14, 2005

Woohoo! Friday! AND a long weekend!

Class A:
B: Miss, you put 2004...
Me: Oh, dangit! Sometimes I'm a little dumb. But that's okay.
J: Why is that okay?
Me: Because I can admit it. Isn't it freeing to be able to admit your mistakes?

Kids: blah blah blah...
D: The military is gay.
Me, scornfully: You're gay, shut up.
[and he sure did, while the other boys at the table cracked up.]
Others: Good one, Ms C!


Today was actually a decent day. Did a little different kind of test prep. They sat in their regular seats and I modeled reading a test passage and answering questions. Then they did a page of test, practicing making predictions. For writing workshop, they made predictions about themselves and wrote a four-square about what they want to be when they grow up.

First period, Class A was very decent. Little K, Little C, and The Asshole did really well. Second period, not quite as much, but oh well. Three or four stayed on task the entire time (including Loud E!), about half the class was working about half the time, and the rest (Little K and Little C, unfortunately) weren't really doing anything at all.

Oh, this was awesome. I had a coverage third period, and it was Girls Gym. I picked it up in the morning, and was like, "Wha? Gym? How...?" and the office people were like, "Yeah, the girls gym. You'll just be assisting, you're not in charge or anything." I said, "There's a girls' gym?" "Yeah, on the fifth floor." "Yeah...I've never been to the fifth floor."

Anyway, so I made it up there, it's a teeny-tiny gym, even smaller than the auxiliary gyms from my high school. Five or seven classes worth of sixth-grade girls were in there, seated on the floor in ten rows.

I 'monitored' the (tiny) locker room to get the slowpokes moving. They had about ten minutes of activity, where each girl got to, one time, practice dribbling and shooting a soccer ball. Then they had to get back to the locker room.

Again, it was awesome. I really had no responsibility, didn't have to worry about anything, it was great. Plus, since Mom was a PE teacher for so much of my life, it felt very normal. Ooh, and there was a broken-down, upside-down balance beam in one corner, and I kept eyeing it on the off chance I might get to run around on it. Heh.

So. Back to the real world. Fifth period, Ms F came in to do a sample modeling with Class B. They did very well, and it was great for me to see.

Seventh period, I did the same thing that Ms F did, with Class C, and really, they were awesome. Everyone was paying attention, and a bunch of them kept chiming in to my "think aloud." Eighth period writing, they were quite chatty. I had to keep yelling at them to "WRITE! DON'T TALK!"

Then, the day was over! Cue sound of angels on high.

I am so tired. But I'll probably stay up late, just because I can! Because tomorrow I can sleep in! Good lord, I am so excited.

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Kellinka said...

D: The military is gay.
Me, scornfully: You're gay, shut up.
Oh my goodness, that made me giggle quite a bit.