Monday, January 31, 2005

Whee, Monday is over!

It wasn't too terrible, actually. It's the first day of the new quarter, so I gave short lectures to each class about how the grades were not pretty and that they have the chance to start over. I said that every person in the class (to all three classes, because, really it's true) has the potential to be at least a level 3.

We talked about expectations for literature circles that will be starting next week, then we did a quick write about black history. I read excerpts from "I have a dream" and they started writing a letter to Dr King in response. They seemed to have a lot to say about it, but a few students had a hard time getting on task and actually writing it down.

Knock on wood, but I think I may have hope for Class A yet. The Asshole is rumored to have gone to another school altogether, and a few of the troublesome boys seem intent on turning around their attitudes and stuff. Loud E was awesome today--on task the whole time, raising his hand, participating, quiet, it was great. I made sure to tell him he was on the Good Job List.

Shit, I got to get back to work. I stayed late to do a new teachers' meeting, because I need the hours. And I got Class B's grades done, so now I just need to bubble in all the sheets. And figure what exactly to do tomorrow. Grr.

I am so tired, and my legs ache for some reason. I really want to just go to bed right now. I'll do the next best thing and sit in bed while bubbling in report cards. Fun life of a teacher!

Remind me to talk about the recent letter to the editor that said dismissed teachers as being "just in it for the extra vacation time." That's the first time I've actually seen it in print, and as an actual teacher now, I have a lot to say about that! Mostly along the lines of, "If you only knew, motherfucker, you'd be lobbying for a raise for teachers. Jackass."

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